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(434) 315-0471

312 W. Third Street
Farmville, Virginia 23901


Wednesday 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Thursday 3:00 pm - midnight
Friday 3:00 pm - midnight
Saturday noon - midnight
Sunday 1:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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Our Story

Smuggling, piracy and bootlegging run in our blood. Our forefathers sailed ships filled with illicit cargo beneath cannons on moonless nights, searched for treasure on tropic islands and blasted down gravel roads in large American cars with trunks full of moonshine. That taste for adventure - handed down from generation to generation - inspired us to found Three Roads Brewing Company. Because, given their daring deeds, we thought it was time to kick back  and relax with a great pint of beer on their behalf. So Three Roads Brewing Company - a comfortable place devoted to exceptional beer - was born. Like taverns and pubs of old, Three Roads serves as the heart of the community, a place that welcomes all for music, games, conversation and of course, fine beer. So come by and join us in a toast to ancestors real and imagined. After all, what’s better than telling the occasional tall-tale to your friends and neighbors over a great pint?